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Happy new Year – the highlights 2005

In the past days there were a lot of end-of-the-year summaries. After reading them I felt the need to write my own ;-)

This year was a very busy one, the result is the following: whenever I wanted to do something in the web, I registered the domain, started development and discontinued the project after a few months. The process of development was too slow. That’s why I own a lot of domains that aren’t in use – one week ago I finally canceled some of them, I have no usage for them, so why pay money to own them?

One of these projects was the relaunch of my former main-website. I wanted to setup a website to show my webwork. Another one was, I thought it could be the platform for my future blog. All crap. I created an “Error 301″ on the old site to redirect it to this site, maybe I’ll have some benefit of that page’s Google PageRank (5).

So I bunched my web-activity to this site and setup a WordPress 2.0 system as a temporary solution (thanks to Steve Smith there’s a nice admin-interface, WP Tiger Admin, the Ultimate Tag Warrior makes this blog taggable and I track every step of yours via Mint). The next step will be to create my own system, an egg-laying wool-milk-sow (is this known in english?) ;-) It should serve my blog, be a CMS for other sites, contain basecamp-like project management, file management and so on. You see, it’s a very big project and I will never finish this… We’ll see, I plan to develop it step by step, the most important is the blog-part to replace this website.

In july I discovered flickr and, both are great tools, that made their way into my everyday use. I already mentioned Mint before – a neat little tools to track your visitors. And with some pepper it serves my needs perfectly – big thanks to all who participated in their development. With the setup of this temporary site I created an technorati account yesterday – you see, social apps make the world go round :P

There’s still something I have to say: Apple‘s products are great. After fiddling around with Windows XP Home for two years (I’m a student and apple isn’t cheap) I finally turned back to Mac OS and am going to buy me one of the Intel Powerbooks once they’re available and I’ve got the money. When somethings wrong with computers in my sourroundings I’m the one to fix it, no matter wich OS they’re running (as long as it has a GUI). I’m really pissed off by windows and many Microsoft-products, but I know there’s a Mac waiting for me at home ;-)

Finally, the blogroll list of important blogs and publications:

(no order)

Happy new year to you all!

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    Dir auch ein gutes neues Jahr! Danke f?ºr die Nennung!

  2. Quote

    Gern geschehen – dein Blog geh??rte da einfach drauf.

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    Freue mich immer wieder, in so illusterer Runde aufzutauchen.
    Dir ein tolles 2006 und kreatves Schaffen! :) )

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    Oh yes, I truly need “creative producing”… I hope it won’t last years until I can publish my posts with my own cms…

    Oh ja, das kreative Schaffen kann ich gebrauchen – hoffentlich dauert’s nicht mehr allzulange bis ich meine Posts hier im eigenen CMS ver??ffentlichen kann…

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    Danke f?ºr die Nennung. Dir ein erfolgreiches 2007!

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    Danke — ebenfalls ein frohes neues!

    PS: Auch wenn das hier die Liste des letzten Jahreswechsels ist — auf der aktuellen stehen deine Projekte auch drauf ;-)

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