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Personal DNA - I'm a benevolent director

After revealing the truth about my personality and finding out that I am a benevolent director, EgoSurf searched for the term “Julian Schrader” (hint: that’s my name) and looked for links to this site, Why all this effort? To calculate my personal ego points on the web:

Simple. You enter your name and your blogs web address. We search google and find links to your blog. We calculate your ego ranking.

We show you where your blogs appear in the search engines. 2Did we mention that we can search in Yahoo, MSN, and Technorati too? 1Got more than one blog or site? No problem, we can look for lots.

We also keep track of your rankings over time, so you can see how your site moves through the blogosphere. How’s that for stroking?

[Via] – Do you have some seconds of spare time? Try it yourself and calculate your web-ego! And well, my ranking is “average”.

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