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Twitter via Quicksilver with Growl integration

Although I use Twitterific to receive twitter messages I don’t like to tweet with it. Why? Simple: There’s no simple way to get to it’s input field via the keyboard. You can’t [Cmd] + [tab] to Twitterific—and that make’s sense, of course!

Therefore I searched for a method that’s less cumbersome and first of all found a nice script that operates along with Quicksilver (running Quicksilver is mandatory for Apple users ;-) ). Tweet = Twitter + Quicksilver receives text from Quicksilver, obtains your twitter login from the Keychain (if you’re using Twitterific it’s already there) and sends your message to twitter. You won’t receive any statement about wether it worked or not, but this script worked for me for some days.

Tweet via Quicksilver

Today I found iQuickTwitter – My Quicksilver + Twitter + iChat + Growl Hack. This script does the same as the one I used for a few days now—except it doesn’t fetch the twitter login information from the Keychain, you have to hard-code it directly into the script. And it does some things more: It a) checks to see if iChat is running and then sets your status message as the current tweet and b notifies you by Growl when your tweet is sent.

Growl Notification after Quicksilver Tweet

Growl notification? That sounds great! iChat status message set to the current tweet? Well, isn’t exactly what I want, just like hard-coded passwords in scripts.

Consequently I took the Growl notification part out of today’s discovery and integrated it into the script I used before—et voilá, I can use Quicksilver to send tweets to twitter and get notificated by Growl when it’s done.

Wanna do the same? Download my Tweet-script, put it into ~/Library/Application Support/Quicksilver/Actions/ and start twittering! All you need to do is invoke Quicksilver (usually [Ctrl] + [space]), press [.] to enter text edit mode, enter your message and tab to the action pane, start typing Tweet until the script Tweet.scpt appears and press [Return] to send it to twitter. The Quicksilver window disappears and you’ll get notified by Growl as soon as it’s delivered.

Update [2007-05-09]

This script uses Twitterific’s icon when growling—this doesn’t work if Twitterific isn’t installed, so there’s not such a nice icon without it. ;-)


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    So awesome. Thank you!

    Hey, I use Growl’s “smoke” display option, and it gives me the sad little default application to notify me of a successful tweet.

    I only mention it b/c I love (LOVE) your iconI’d like to see it more often. Any idea why it doesn’t show up in the growl?




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    Hi Jed,

    I’m sorry I didn’t mention this beforeI updated the post on how to solve this problem.


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    Bill Vick said January 20, 2008, 9:57 pm:

    Very cool. You can also use Moodblast to post to Twitter, Facebook and it uses growl notifications as well.

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    Strange; I got the iQuickTwitter script you referenced to work, but I can’t get this one to work. Not a big deal, I s’pose, as long as one works…

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    Very nice, i like it

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    hey, love the blog – i will try and keep up with it!! please keep more coming :) I wish I could start a blog but I don’t have much time :( Thanks, nick

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    Oh, that’s very interesting… with a growl notification i will never miss out any updates. thanks

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    thanks for sharing , the growl notification is very cool and nice to not have to worry about searching for updates.

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    i love twitter, coz it make addict.
    that was very awesome to searching updates

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    Prepaid Phone Wireless said February 20, 2009, 8:28 pm:

    I found your blog on google and read a few of your other posts. I just added you to my Google News Reader. Keep up the good work. Look forward to reading more from you in the future.

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    Very nice!
    I like it.

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    I tried the Tweet-script, but it didn’t work (nothing posted to Twitter). I discovered the problem was that Twitterrific actually adds an “Application Password” with the name “Twitterrific” to your Keychain, while the Tweet.scpt AppleScript is looking for an “Internet key of current keychain whose server is ‘’”.

    To fix the problem, I simply opened Keychain Access (Applications -> Utilities -> Keychain Access) and added a new Keychain entry under the Internet section (expand the Password item on the left and then select Internet and choose File -> New Password Item). I set the Item Name to “”, the Account name to my Twitter username, and then my Twitter password. After doing this, the Tweet-script worked perfectly.

    Also, I have Twitterrific installed (I mostly just use it to get Growl notifications of tweets by my friends) and you said you can’t Cmd + Tab to Twitterrific to post a message. That’s true, but you can “Cmd+Shift+R Tab” to get to the Twitterrific input field.

    Simply open the Twitterrific options, click the Window tab, and configure a hot key (I use Cmd+Shift+R) to display the Twitterrific window. Then, once you press your hot key to display the Twitterrific window, simply press Tab and you’re in the input field.

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    Hi Raam Dev,

    thanks for your detailed descriptions—it seems like a lot has changed since I used this script.

    I’m currently using Tweetie for my Twitter needs.


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