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Very Nice Typography Inspiration

This is something for the typography enthusiasts amongst us: After enjoying their 2005/2006 issue, I recently received my copy of the 2007/2008 catalogue from the Hermann Schmidt Verlag Mainz — it’s free and a great resource for inspiration in both typography and grafic design.

Hermann Schmidt Verlag Mainz (Inside)

Every second year, they spend a part of their summer in order to create the next masterpiece with great attention to details. Last time 60g paper with a cover made of bright orange linen, this time heavy 135g paper bound into a silk cover with a nicely woven pattern.

I like flipping through the pages and perhaps reading a little bit here and there — these catalogues are a pleasure for the eyes and provide great haptic experiences. They’re cram-full with ideas and therefore a well beloved tool to gather typographical inspiration and new ideas for your next graphic design project.

Hermann Schmidt Verlag Mainz

Have a shot at it and order your copy:

UPDATE: They take orders via e-mail, unfortunately I don’t know whether and they’re shipping abroad. I’ll ask them — in the meantime, you can only Just submit your address via with the subject “Gesamtverzeichnis 2007/2008”.

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    Looks great. I’m off to order mine now. Perhaps they don’t ship for free outside of Germany, but I guess I could offer to pay the postage. I’ll give it a try. Thanks for the link.

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    Thanks a lot for your comment and mentioning my post in your recent article!

    Unfortunately I didn’t receive any response from the publisher yet — I’ll let you know ASAP if there’s something new.

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    Allright, they’re shipping everywhere!

    @johno: Seems like your order has already been processed ;-)

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