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Interesting Links for July 12, 2011

  • RFPs: The Least Creative Way to Hire People
    If you work in any kind of service industry you’ve undoubtedly come across the Request For Proposal, or “RFP.” The RFP process has become a standard by which organizations solicit competitive bids.…
  • A Modest Proposal
    Comedy is easy, proposals are hard. Even the toughest creative pros cringe when it’s time to put one together. Yet doing so is essential if you want to keep your doors open. A compelling proposal…
  • ★ On Attribution and Credit
    Ina Fried’s story yesterday for AllThingsD about iPad-native apps crossing the 100,000 mark now credits MacStories by name, and includes this note:

    Editor’s Note: As you may notice, we’ve added a …

  • Writing and publishing are important
    Last week the Studiomates gave presentations about what we’re working on. This produced great conversations about the way we work, and the challenges we face when trying to be productive. During…
  • Adopt vs. adapt
    An early adopter seeks out new ideas and makes them work.

    An adapter, on the other hand, puts up with what he has to, begrudgingly.

    One is offense, the other is defense. One requires the spark of…

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